The Features of Titanium Grade 2 Pipes

Mar 23

What is Titanium Grade 2 Pipe Fitting?

The manufacturer made Titanium Grade 2 Pipe Fittings from alloyed titanium and added small amounts of aluminum and vanadium for extra strength. This grade of titanium has excellent corrosion resistance properties, and its superior strength-to-weight ratio makes it an ideal material for constructing pipe fittings. The combination of these properties also makes them an attractive choice for high-pressure systems as well as low-temperature applications due to their ability to withstand extreme temperatures without losing structural integrity.

Features of Titanium Grade 2 Pipe Fittings

The features of these products make them perfect for many industries and applications. The most obvious feature is that they are incredibly strong and lightweight. This means people use them in applications where weight savings are important but require strength. Additionally, these pipe fittings have high corrosion resistance due to their alloy composition. People can use them in highly corrosive environments without fearing degradation. These fittings also have superior temperature resistance which allows them to remain structurally sound even at extreme temperatures making them ideal for low-temperature systems or even cryogenic systems.

Properties of Titanium Grade 2 Pipe Fittings

General Properties

The composition of Ti Grade 2 pipe fittings is primarily titanium and carbon. This combination makes them incredibly strong and durable while still being lightweight. Additionally, they are non-magnetic and highly resistant to corrosion from acidic and alkaline solutions, making them ideal for use in harsh environments. The material also has excellent thermal conductivity, which can be used effectively in high-temperature applications.

Mechanical Properties

When it comes to mechanical properties, Titanium Grade 2 pipe fitting has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. They have a yield strength of 240 MPa (minimum) and ultimate tensile strength of 300 MPa (minimum). Additionally, they have an elongation rate of 18%, meaning they can handle significant stress before breaking or failing. As far as density goes, these pipe fittings weigh in at 4.51 g/cm3 (average).

Thermal Properties

Titanium Grade 2 pipe fitting has an impressive thermal conductivity rating of 16 W/mK (0°C). It makes them well-suited for high-temperature applications such as automotive exhaust systems or oil refineries where heat needs to be dissipated quickly and efficiently. Their melting point is 1,677°C (3,051°F), so they can withstand temperatures up to that before becoming malleable or losing their structural integrity.