Benefits of Super Duplex S32750 Flanges

May 26

What are the Super Duplex S32750 Flanges?

Super duplex flanges are mostly made up of stainless steel which is used to connect two pipelines. These are also constructed of materials like copper, bronze, and brass. There are standard and metric diameters of super duplex flanges which can be used in high heat pressure situations.

Due to corrosion caused by aggressive chemical process fluids such as cooling solutions containing chloride, duplex steels were developed for corrosion resistance. Flanges made of super duplex stainless steel are often used in high-pressure applications, including nuclear power and petroleum products.

Super Duplex Steel S32750 Flange is highly alloyed steel with a high PREN that is useful in hostile environments due to its 25 percent chromium, 7% nickel, and 3.6 percent molybdenum content.

A super duplex alloy’s annealed state contains approximately 40-50 percent ferrite. The extremely high strength of ferritic grades with the corrosion resistance of austenitic grades is provided by the super duplex microstructure. Stress cracking caused by chloride is frequently resolved using super duplex steel. Additionally, it remains unaffected by sulfide-stress corrosion cracking in sour-gas applications.

As a result of the high strength of these flanges, super duplex UNS S32750 is resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion and resists extensive exposure to corrosive environments, chloride crack formation, and basic acid corrosion. In addition to their weld-ability, they also offer good tensile properties.

Benefits of Super Duplex S32750 Flanges

Resistance to Corrosion

It is corrosion resistant to a wide range of chemicals and conditions in marine and industrial environments, making it suitable for a variety of industrial applications.


Due to Super Duplex S32750 Flange’s high strength, it can be used in high-pressure applications as well as in chlorinated environments such as seawater or saltwater systems that require high resistance to cracking or failure due to corrosion stress.

The Ability to Resist High Temperatures

In typical ambient conditions, Super Duplex S32750 Flange is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1,200°F (650°C); nevertheless, this material will become brittle over time.

Mechanical Properties

Flanges made with Super Duplex S32750 offer excellent mechanical properties which makes them suitable for both low-pressure and high-pressure applications.

Easy Welding

Using regular processes without preheating is also an option for welding Super Duplex S32750 Flange. It also does not require any specific welding processes or equipment because it contains neither nickel nor iron, which would cause hydrogen stress corrosion cracking problems during welding.


Flanges made of Super Duplex S32750 are exceptionally robust and made of high-quality materials. The material is commonly used in gas and oil exploration, chemical manufacturing, and power generation.

Applications of Super Duplex S32750 Flanges

In pressure vessels, pipelines, shipyards, power stations, metalworking, chemical production, machining, and other industries, steel S32750 Flanges are used as high-quality flanges.

These flanges are also used in the piping sector as it requires high pressure so it is suitable for it. Also, it is used in many applications like heat exchangers, tube casing, tank coils, etc.